Quit the Hit!

All credit unions are guided by 7 principles. We like to think of it as our secret sauce.

  1. Credit unions are democratic
    This means we are controlled by the people that do business with us. We call them "members". It's like a special club of smart people. The members elect a volunteer board of directors that call the shots. So, you won't find us flying corporate jets or handing out big bonus checks.
  2. Credit unions are open
    There is likely a credit union that serves where you live, work, worship or go to school. We're everywhere and it's easy to try us out.
  3. Credit unions have lower loan rates and higher savings yield
    Your success is our success. The more people who participate, the more the credit union can give back in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings yields, fewer fees and more products. Just like karma — what goes around comes right back around.
  4. Credit unions are independent
    We are owned by the people who do business with us, not outside shareholders. That makes you the boss.
  5. Credit unions believe in financial education
    We are actively involved in helping consumers get ahead and teaching in schools. Got a few minutes? We'll teach you the merits of budgeting, planning for retirement or how to get ahead with what you have.
  6. Credit unions work together
    We network together to provide more free ATMs than the nation's largest bank. Most of us share over 4000 branches across the country you can access. We think of it as the best of both worlds. Yes, we're local, but together we're global.
  7. Credit unions give back
    Credit union folks everywhere participate in volunteering for all sorts of local charities. It's just part of our DNA.

Still have questions? Let's see if we can answer them for you.

Why do business with a credit union?
Credit unions not only save you money by having lower loan rates and fewer fees, they are created by and for local people. Doing business with a credit union not only helps you, but creates a ripple effect that helps your neighbors, coworkers and friends.

Is my money safe at a credit union?
Why yes. Just like banks are insured by the FDIC, credit unions are insured by another government agency called the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). We're just as safe as a bank.

Is it easy to try a credit union?
We're just about everywhere. We've even created a special tool to help you find us.

Have more questions?
Ask us over there on the right. A friendly credit union person is waiting to help you.